How to Profit from Oracle CRM

Your company is making a significant investment in Oracle Applications. But how will you ensure this investment pays off?

DaGiau Consulting can help. We understand that the key to delivering a successful CRM project is improving business performance, not just implementing technology.

Our approach is simple but powerful. We lead with a business-centric focus throughout the project while grounding our analysis and design efforts in the technical realities of what Oracle Applications can do. Also, we emphasize the crucial roles that people and process play in your CRM project's success.

This approach creates:

  • an on-target strategy to guide and focus the project,
  • strong support from your business because the project was focused on addressing your needs,
  • Oracle Applications and business processes that work together for smooth daily operations, and ultimately,
  • performance improvements that enhance your bottom line.
To discuss specifics on how we can help you plan and execute a successful CRM project, just contact us at 303-579-4677 or

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